Hydroponic Nutrient Solutions That Work.


CX Hydroponics products are developed by taking the best practice from conventional crop production systems and organic horticulture.

This new system called Fusion Nutrition provides a nutrition system that is the most powerful crop production system in the world today.






Our products do what they say and this alone stands us apart from our competition.
Here are 7 benefits of using our unique product range:

  1. Results that are not attainable by conventional or organic methods alone
  2. Guaranteed higher growth rates and higher proteins in your crops
  3.  Improved plant health through superior protection of roots and aerial parts,
    by using breakthrough Induced Protection strategy
  4. Rescue of stressed crops by enzymatic stimulation
  5.  All products work together to create synergies that result in increased production
    and quality of the crop
  6.  Our products take nutrition to the next level – this is the benefit of our Fusion Nutrition system
  7. Fusion Nutrition is our own unique system, a ground breaking technique.

So if you’re looking for hydroponic nutrient solutions that really do work you’ve found them.