How to Buy Hydroponic Garden Supplies

Seed-germinatingThe idea of being able to grow plants without soil has been around for thousands of years and the hanging Gardens of Babylon was one of the first examples of this method of growing.

The advantage of growing plants by the hydroponic method is that plants can be grown indoors all year round without being susceptible to the elements, seasons, or insects. Also plants do much better in this environment and crop yields are larger and healthier.

So how do you get started? Here’s how to buy hydroponic garden supplies.

Firstly you will need a hydroponic kit which you can purchase from any gardening centre along with the other supplies that you will need. There are two hydroponic systems that you can buy – the first one being the ebb and flow system which uses a pump to pump the nutrient solution to the roots of the plants, and the second one is the wick system which uses a wick hanging down to soak up the nutrient solution to the plants. Although this system is the easiest to use and set up, it can keep the roots of the plants too wet and so they don’t thrive as well as when the ebb and flow system is used.

Next you need the growing medium which is used with the ebb and flow system and needs to be porous to allow the nutrient solution to flow around the roots of the plants. Gravel can be used for this, as can moss, sand, coconut fibre, vermiculite, or rock wool.

The nutrient solution is specifically designed for hydroponic systems and is already pre-mixed. Follow the instructions carefully so that you use the correct amount for your system of choice.

A pH testing kit is needed to measure the hydrogen level in the nutrient solution because if the pH is too acid or too alkaline then this will interfere with the plants ability to absorb the essential nutrients it needs.

Then lastly you will need to buy a special lamp and the type you choose will depend on the crop you are growing. Your garden centre or hydroponic specialty store will have the information you require.

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