Fungus Gnat Control

Fungus Gnats are much more dangerous for plants than you might realize. The fungus gnat is a little fly that doesn’t really bother people or animals, but severely damages all kinds of plants. They may seem like mosquitoes hovering around your plants but their larvae are the ones that actually feed on the tender roots and adult gnats can spread disease. Proper fungus gnat control is vital if you want to maintain healthy plants in your home.

CX Hydroponics is a company that prides itself in providing lasting solutions to everyday garden problems unique to hydroponic planting. Fungus Gnat control is just one of the solutions that we provide. This is especially important since fungus gnat larvae live and grow in the nutrient rich water of hydroponic plants.

We here at CX Hydroponics pride ourselves in being leaders in this growing industry and we will help you get a successful yield through tried and tested techniques in the field of Hydroponic systems. You can choose from organic solution, inorganic chemical or a combination of both or even fungus gnat control.

Speak to one of our hydroponics experts today to learn more about general hydroponics nutrients and how you can use it to create a successful hydroponic garden. We will be more than happy to help you get the hydroponic garden you have always wanted.

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